Tuesday, June 9, 2009



I am also joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday #22.
I just found it..what a great idea!!

My Inspiration is from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage

My inspiration came from Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage . She had her little porch swing all dolled up painted in RED and cute pillows tossed on it. I adopted this house when I moved in with John... the yard was a disaster....we are working on it slowly but surely. This swing was tossed aside and the canopy was missing (later found out the gardener took it to the dumpster). I wasn't ging to let that stop me..I knew I could make this ugly duckling pretty again. It sat around for over a year until I saw Tina's swing..that was it!! The next thing I knew, I was painting it red and making pillows for it. These were all of 10 minute pillows out of dish towels I found today at Ross. I will make some cuter ones when I have more time. So there you have first INSPIRATIONAL WEDNESDAY project.

Thanks Tina!!

Please join me in my first INSPIRATIONAL WEDNESDAYS and show us what has inspired you.
Just add your name to Mr. Linky and then comment on this post. Can't wait to see wht everyone has come up with.

Warm Hugs,


  1. Love your blog, Linda! Come by are the winner of one of the pouches I made!! Thanks! Terri

  2. I just found your blog while surfing around. Such a great idea, and I will be SURE to join in next week! Can't wait to see the other participants!

  3. What a lovely little area you have made for yourself...... it looks so peaceful and CUTE as can be..... love your house you made.... it looks GREAT...
    Thanks for fixing it so I can comment.....

  4. Linda now you have a wonderful place to go and put those feet up and enjoy! Love your blog I'll be back again, Esther

  5. Love the red swing!! Lovely!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. I really luv that swing, especially the fabric chosen to cover the cushions!

  7. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday Linda! I love the seating area...looks very relaxing! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  8. Tina has inspired a lot of bloggers, it seems, me included. Her bedroom was the inspiration for my recent re-do of MY bedroom.
    I actually would like to BE Tina but since I can't, I would like to have my whole house just like hers!! lol I even made her Chocolate Cobbler last night for dessert.

  9. Hi Linda! Your swing looks great. There is lots of inspiration to be gained at Tina's blog. :)

    The cloche party is June 19 at

    It's going to be fun!!

  10. I have those tea towels! Mine are worn from years of use, so I'm going to check out the Ross in my neighborhood to see if they carry them. thanks for sharing your lovely area, it looks just beautiful.

  11. Your yard looks so inviting. I love the tea cups on the chandelier. Thanks for following my blog and for the sweet comment!

  12. A great inspiration which resulted in an adorable project. I love the red and your pillow ideas were brilliant.
    Good job, I love it.


  13. What a cheerful spot, Linda. It looks so restful. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Hello, Just wanted to say your swing/bench looks real comfortable to sit or even lie on :-) And the little birdie on top of the red plate is a cutie! :-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  15. Linda,
    I love Cherry Hill Cottage and you did a great job with your own version of the design. You did a fantastic job breathing life into that discarded swing. I love it RED! Cathy