Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Too Much To Do!!?

Well, this morning I started out taking down the Christmas decorations.....did the entrance and the outdoor wreaths...went to retrieve the boxes for storage and saw a box of "to do projects"....nicked the decorations and proceeded to go through the to do box....found a wooden bowl....went outdoors to prime it...went back indoors to get sandpaper...found a candlestick...thought it would look cute redone....went to the bar area...found an old crystal sat neatly in the candlestick....went to the scrapbook room to grab my adhesive dots (AD)...put them together...turned out really cute (note to self: pick up more votives).

Went back to get that sandpaper....saw a wooden cake pedestal....took it inside...grabbed a cloche....fits perfect!! Took the non working screw out...filled the hole...waiting for it to dry to sand and prime. Now, back to get that sandpaper!! Finally sanded the wooden's on the paint table to be painted B/W checks.

Now, back to get that box for the decorations....oops! found another cute iron candlestick....went to my dining room to my cabinet...found a nice little Homer Laughlin plate....grabbed a tiny cloche...they fit!! Now, to go grab those ADs...put that together..add a Fitz and Floyd rabbit...too cute!!

While in the cabinet...saw tea cups...decided to add china cups to my dining chandelier! Now, let's see...which cups to use? Grabbed the ones displayed under a cloche....wanted more color...went to the kitchen and a couple from my canisters (note to self: look for red transferware cups to replace).

Went to sun room to find black and white checked ribbon in the chest...found some..not really the one I wanted...but will do till I order more...went back to dining room....added the cups to the chandy....looks really cute!! Now, the chandy needs some shades...will have to buy clips and make some in near future when I add the sleeve and medallion.

Now, back to the decorations!! Finally, packed most...will wait for housekeeper to do rest...

I am exhausted!!!!!
p.s. will post photos tomorrow!


  1. Wow what a day you had. you sound as sidetracked as I get sometimes. LOL. Now for the most important question. Where is the pictures of your new items.

  2. Too funny, I can relate. I get so sidetracked sometimes.

    The only difference is that I don't have the housekeeper. I think that should be my new goal for 2010! Get a housekeeper!

  3. Ha! I think we can all relate a bit to this... I try to stay on track... but things catch my eye and I am easily off and then forgetting what it was I orinally wanted to do. LOL!

  4. That sounds just like me......Sometimes I just have to take a minute and laugh at myself.

    Warm blessings,